See The ART, Meet The Artists ☆ 展示会へようこそ

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The show is now up and running until March 27th in the I-Pal plaza on the first floor of I-Pal. (See map below)  If you haven’t stopped by yet, you only have a week left! There is art by 15 artists on display and there is a wide range of art including, photography, haiku, illustration, paper craft and more!

A closing reception will be held on March 27th from 1:00pm to 3:00 pm.  Light refreshments including homemade salsa and hummus will be served.  It will also be a great chance to mingle with the artists.

We’ll be waiting for you!





I-Pal Kagawa ☆ アイパル香川


Event Poster ☆ イベントのポスター

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The event poster is ready!  Please print it and put it in various places such as cafes, your workplace, or your school. A large version for printing is at the bottom of the post.



Large Version for printing ☆ 印刷用のサイズ

Closing Reception Schedule Change ☆ 終了レセプション日程変更

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In order to make it possible to attend the closing reception for “A World of Artists in Kagawa” and 007 Bond Night held on Naoshima that night, the closing reception will be held from 1 ~ 3 pm.   The reception will be a great opportunity to interact with the artists, enjoy refreshments, view video installations, and hear live music by international Kagawa residents.

It’s an event that shouldn’t be missed and we hope to see you there.

More information about the 007 Bond Night will be available soon on the K-fun blog.


“A World of Artists in Kagawa”の終了レセプションと当夜で行われる”007ボンド・ナイトのパーティー”と、両方のイベントに行けるようになるために、終了レセプソンが13:00~15:00開催されることになりました。終了レセプソンはアーティストと交流したり、お茶を飲んだり、ビデオ作品を観たり、香川県に住んでいる外国人のライブを聴いたりするためのいい機会です。



Artist Application Form ☆ アーティストの申込書

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Applications forms are now available for artists who want to participate in the exhibition.   The English version can be found at



Welcome ☆ ようこそ!

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Welcome to the “A World of Artists in Kagawa” blog.

This blog will be used to post announcements and updates regarding the  exhibition, “A World of Artists in Kagawa,” an exhibition of art made by international artists living in Kagawa to be held during the last two weeks in March.  Please refer to the pages and links to the right for event details, participating artist profiles, and updates.

Information posted here is subject to changes, so please check back occasionally.  If there are any unclear points or questions, please send us an email.  Comments are more than welcome!

We look forward to your participation, support, and attendance.


“A World of Artists in Kagawa” のブログへようこそ!

このブログでは、3月末で行う展示会、”A World of Artists in Kagawa(香川県に住んでいる外国人の芸術作品展示会)”について、お知らせや更新などが掲示されます。